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Graduation Coach Program

Help Boone County students finish their degrees

Eliminate barriers to academic achievement

The Graduation Coach Program pairs adult mentors with Boone County K-12 students and college undergraduates to ensure they graduate with their degrees.

Mentors help students manage stress, improve emotional well-being, provide social support, resolve conflict, address interpersonal relationships, and remove barriers that might impact a student’s success.

Mentors provide

A safe, trusted adult to talk to
Homework help
Connections to a broader network
College visits and apprenticeship connections
Online and in-person support
Goal setting and accountability
Career counseling and guidance

Personalized attention that lasts a lifetime

Every student matters

Lori Schroeder, Graduation Coach Director, mentors numerous students at Lebanon High School. Other area high schools participate. Our Graduation Coaching Program helps students find their passion and plan for a bright future, whether in secondary education or joining a trade after graduation.

1:1 coaching

Mentors can work with multiple students, but every student meets one-to-one with their mentors for personal attention.

150+ graduates

Over 150 students at area high schools have finished their degrees. Over half of those students move on to college, and an even higher percentage enter the workforce, military, or vocational program.

Strong friendships

Coaches form strong friendships with their mentees that often last long after graduation day.

We’ve got your back if you’ve got theirs

No one should feel overlooked

You can help area students finish a degree, enter the workforce, and prepare for a bright future. Mentorship provides accountability for you and young people and can often be done online and off to meet everyone’s needs. Because sometimes all we need is to know someone’s counting on us.

Complete a degree
Online support
Accountability for all
A mentor stands next to her mentee and a balloon that reads "2020".
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