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Boone County Youth Assistance Program (YAP)

Boone Co. YAP works closely with Boone County Mentoring Partnership

Boone Co. YAP provides early intervention for youth age 3-17

The Youth Assistance Program (YAP) operates standalone chapters in hundreds of counties across the US. Boone County’s YAP is administered and organized mostly by us here at the Boone County Mentoring Partnership.

We take a holistic approach to coordinate our community’s vast array of talents, services and resources to help youth and empower parents and caregivers under the organizational umbrella of Boone
County Mentoring Partnership.

Refer a child to Boone Co. YAP
Boone County Youth Assistance Program logo

How does Boone County YAP work?

Someone makes a referral

YAP works exclusively off the referral of trusted partners, like a school, church or youth group, healthcare provider, and select others.

We make connections

YAP staff reviews the referral, speaks to everyone involved, and considers what other groups and organizations in Boone County might be able to help.

Families work together

YAP is a voluntary program. If a child and family accept the advocacy, support, or service offered by YAP, we provide ongoing coordination until expressed needs are met.

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Who is Boone County YAP for and why does it work?

Everyone has experienced an overwhelming life situation or knows someone who has. YAP is a great starting place for anyone who is unsure of how to deal with a new scenario affecting their child or a child they care for.

By creating a safe place for families to ask for help regarding their children, we as a community are taking further steps in creating a supportive environment for our children, and help alleviate needs that could become problematic as the child develops and grows.

Refer a child to Boone Co. YAP

FAQs about Boone County YAP

Anyone can refer a child or family to the Youth Assistance Program. Families and individuals can also refer themselves. Simply fill out our YAP Referral Form.

Yes, referrals can be anonymous and so can any services or groups involved. If, for example, we help a young person get involved in the Boy or Girl Scouts, there’s no reason anyone has to know they started because YAP was involved.

The Youth Assistance Program is a community-based non-profit organization focused entirely on Boone County. Our funding comes from donations and contributions, including those made to the Boone County Mentoring Partnership.

Unless mandated by a court or where legally binding, families voluntary work with any of our partners and programs in YAP. If you start working with a group and it doesn’t work out, you’re free to contact us to consider alternatives, if any.

YAP is a non-profit organization, but we’re not strictly charity. We work as a sort of “personalized directory” of all sorts of groups, clubs, and organizations in Boone County. No one would consider enrolling in a softball league, youth sports, the Mentoring Partnership, or a college prep program as charity. These various services and dozens of others are already operating in Boone County and exist to help make our community stronger and better. We just help people discover what’s already here they may not know about.

It depends on what’s needed. If a child needs homework help or tutoring, your participation in that may only last a semester. Or, if youth sports seems like a good fit that may only last for a season. Generally, we work with youth and their families for about six months, but it may also take as little as a few weeks or a few years. Whatever it takes and is best for kids and families.

No, both are separate, even though both YAP and the Mentoring program operate under our organizational umbrella. Many people come to YAP and never enroll for mentorship and many people come for mentorship and never know about YAP.

No. Most kids and families are referred to us by school counselors, principals, coaches, and teachers. It’s true that sometimes people are referred to us by local law enforcement or Boone County’s prosecutors or courts. But even in these circumstances their involvement with us is strictly voluntary. If a case is referred by law enforcement or prosecutors and a child isn’t enrolled in YAP, the case is referred back to the local police or prosecutor for next steps.

YAP is only for kids age 3-17. We can sometimes help with quick referrals over-the-phone for caregivers of kids under 3. Teens aging into adulthood at 18 can no longer be enrolled in YAP, but there are plenty of options and steps we take to set them up for success.

No, our program is just for people who reside in Boone County. We do not ask about citizenship status, either. However, there are YAP programs in Hamilton, Plainfield in Hendricks County, and many other counties. Check with your local school counselor or prosecutor’s office if you’re unsure of one where you live.

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